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3 Powerful marketing strategies to increase automotive sales

Let's be honest as we are at work in our dealerships when sales are not up to the mark, we seek new ways to impress potential car buyers all through the day. We need to be sure that these new methods don't cost the dealership too much money or else we'd only be pouring oil into the fire. But fortunately for us, there are many new ways that can be used to woo the customer into the net. Here are a few ways I think, really works for the dealer.

What's app blasts through software - This is one of the most overlooked things, there is a new method through which the dealer can now send out video/audio/text messages to potential buyers right to their phones. This is done using much available software out there where you need to just input your potential leads' phone numbers and add a video/audio/text and hit the send button and in just a few hours you can send it to about 25,000 - 50,000 potential buyers.

Send catchy emails - One thing I have found is many dealers don't focus too much on making their own 'dealer poster designs' look smashing. This can be outsourced at a very nominal rate. Because unlike many other industries our auto industry is more a "show & tell" kind of marketing, where potential buyers tend to look at what looks the most catchy.

Once you're done with the design make sure you send these e-mails to all of the latest walk-ins and check with your lead generation team and keep your design at the forefront of their mind as long as possible. Don't make the poster design too serious, make it a little fun/funny and engaging.

“Content is King but engagement is Queen, and the lady rules the house!”

Improvise word of mouth marketing - A certain way to make or break your product image with potential buyers is someone who comes to your showroom, finds your salesperson is shiftless, slow-moving and lethargic in the car they are selling and worse yet - does not have the product knowledge to explain the customers' questions.

More focus on training is a no excuse "MUST" on your agenda of marketing. At the end of the day not many industries, do you have buyers who are ready to come and see you right at your doorstep. But are you ready for them in the most deviceful, inventive and cutting edge way?

Rajiv Menon is the Founder & CEO of India's first exclusive automotive greetings company. He is also an entrepreneur who contributes tips and articles to help grow the automotive community and equip them with the knowledge that will improve productivity and sales.

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