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Nine Years ago, we started on a mission, it was simple. Create greetings exclusively for the automotive industry, increase customer satisfaction, enhance delivery experience and reduce customer complaints.


The response has been overwhelming! We now supply delivery greetings to automotive dealers that helps them improve their overall customer satisfaction ratings and bring about a change like you couldn't imagine. Let's get started!

Customised Song

Each Customer gets a song with their name recorded in it! How cool is that? 

Customised Active Motion Poster

Active Motion Posters accompany the personalised song, customised with the customer name! Whoa! 

Direct Whats App Delivery

Dealers can now receive their daily delivery greetings via a whats app group, Play & Forward to Customers!


It's awesome what personalisation can do for your dealership and it's customers, below are simple steps to make it happen, you can see this happen through a free trial before you buy! 

Share your Customer Details 

All you have to do is just send us your registration details before the end of the day.


We would require the Customer Name & Vehicle Name. 

Voice Recording & Editing

We send these details to our recording studio and our voiceover artist records this in the language of your choice.


Your personalised customer song & Customised Motion Poster is now ready! 

Whats App Dispatch

We start a What's App group for each of your showrooms. For Eg:"Pratham Queens Road & Touch" And we send you the Customised Poster & Personalised Song to this group.


Start playing for your customers via Showroom speakers/in car bluetooth/bluetooth speakers. 

Over 100 Showrooms and counting...

Pratham Motors Maruti Suzuki

Trans Car - Mercedes Benz

Capital Honda

Volkswagen Bangalore

Elite Ford

MGF Hyundai 

Sundaram Motors - Mercedes Benz

Titanium Mercedes Benz 

Popular Vehicles -  Maruti 


Dream Nissan Lucknow

Bimal Auto Maruti - Guwahati

Vishnu Cars - Maruti Suzuki

Harsha Toyota 

Khivraj Renault 

Pavan Hyundai 

Goa Motors - Hyundai 

JSV Hyundai - Lucknow

and much more...


Customising & Personalising

Automotive Greetings for dealerships Pan India. 

- Customised Poster

- Personalised Songs

- Greetings for After Sales 

- Insurance Sales Help Tool 

- Personalised Birthday Greetings 

- Automotive Service Greetings 

- Post Service Feedback Greetings

- Due Vs Not Done Greetings 

Step 1:

Select a Song from our collection

Step 2:

Select a Poster from our collection

Step 3:

Add all CRM's & delivery executives in the whatsapp group

Step 4: 

Send us your Customer details each day before 6pm (Customer Name & Customer Vehicle name is mandatory)

Step 5:

Once you receive the songs by 9 am the next day, play for your Customers during delivery time and forward to them on their mobile. 

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