Hello! Welcome to our demo section. Here, you will find some customized samples of our amazing customers!

Select which best suits your dealership taste. 

Remember - We have over 50 Songs composed and ready with over 50 design ideas for custom posters, And we will even compose a brand new song for your dealership if you want something fresh! 

You can also: 

Write your own lyrics - Help us compose - Change certain elements of the song - Give us your own script for intro and outro!

Voice Box Rs 5,999/Month/Showroom


You will receive a customized song for each

customer with a customized poster. 

Press Play - Customised Demo for Voice Box
00:00 / 01:15

Frame Box Rs 8,999/Month/Showroom


You will receive a customized song for each

customer with a customized photo frame.

Use Headphones

for better effect!

Press Play - Customised Demo for Frame Box
00:00 / 01:35

Fusion Box  Rs 11,999/Month/Showroom

This Greetings box allows you to add customer photos from Facebook/Instagram/Linkedin along with a song

customized for each new car buyer. 


Customising & Personalising

Automotive Greetings for dealerships Pan India. 


- Customised Poster

- Personalised Songs

- Greetings for After Sales 

- Insurance Sales Help Tool 

- Personalised Birthday Greetings 

- Automotive Service Greetings 

- Post Service Feedback Greetings

- Due Vs Not Done Greetings 


Step 1:

Select a Song from our collection

Step 2:

Select a Poster from our collection

Step 3:

Add all CRM's & delivery executives in the whatsapp group

Step 4: 

Send us your Customer details each day before 6pm (Customer Name & Customer Vehicle name is mandatory)

Step 5:

Once you receive the songs by 9 am the next day, play for your Customers during delivery time and forward to them on their mobile. 

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