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4 ideas to make automotive dealerships more successful

It's said that one of the most important things to do in this day and age is to come out with as many new ideas as possible, to challenge the tough market we are in right now. It got me thinking why don't we revisit what we have and see if it can be done a little better.

In this article, I will outline 4 ideas on how a dealership can be seen as a more dynamic, versatile and multi-faceted organization that is ready to change and not stay aged.

Happiness training: The easiest thing to understand is happy people make people happy, Revitalising the entire training processes through which employees are inducted into the organization is the need of the hour.

If you have an in-house trainer at your disposal make sure you ask them to come up with new and exciting ways to train your new and old employees on the art of portraying happiness to a potential car-buyer. It's very important because when an "already shaky" buyer is at your doorstep, the only thing that will swing them in your direction is your willingness to smile and answer their questions which will help stimulate their decision in your


Active working Apps/website - In a digital age like the one we live in, everybody is very well informed before they get to meet you, the only way to change this is to make sure your dealership has something that is outside the box.

A personalized app that is created for your dealership is quite innovative because it shows the public you are ready to change the way you do things. This app can have features like showcasing your latest vehicles, booking test drives easily, getting your service done easily and also any discounts or gifts/accessories that you may be giving (this needs to updated on a regular basis). But please keep in mind the app needs to be very very user-friendly. Also, if the OEM allows, make sure your website looks stunning, it's the first access they have with you.

Create a community, not just prospects - One of the common mistakes I see dealerships do, is when a potential car buyer walks into your showroom and has seen your product but chooses to walk out, instinctively the sales executive chooses to close the meeting there with no follow-up.

Instead, we need to create a community via a whats app group/mailing list and request to the customer is they would like to be part of the group where you will be posting any discounts, new features and availability of your stock on a regular basis. What's app allows you to join up to 256 participants in one group. Why not use it for your walk-in prospects?

Make the best use of innovative ideas - Did you know there are over 50 new ideas out there will help your dealerships really stand out and make you look more dynamic? If haven't come across one yet, you need to make sure you go out and search for as many innovative new products or services available to you.

For Eg; Here at, we supply to over 100 dealers across India - we make a special song for each and every customer when they take delivery of their vehicle and follow it up with a B' day song when it's their birthday and it costs less than 6,000 rupees/month for unlimited greetings. We let you take a free trial where you can give up to 5 customers for free and see the response. This free trial let's you take an informed decision and we even have money-back guarantees for dealers with more than 4 showrooms.

So here it is, 4 great ways you can become a major player in the automotive dealership market hope it has helped in some ways and if it has, click the follow button for more articles weekly bringing you closer and closer to success.

Rajiv Menon is the Founder & CEO of India's first exclusive automotive greetings company. He is also an entrepreneur who loves to write tips and articles to help grow the automotive community and equip them with the knowledge that will improve productivity and sales.

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