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5 proven ideas to always be happy at the workplace

It has been seen that when you try harder to be happy, it only gets more challenging. The same is true in most things that we do but the most important thing people seek these days is to be happy and have peace of mind as much as possible. Maybe my view of the world can lend a helping hand in the littlest possible way.

Don't try to Mr/Ms. Perfect - Our Mind is always looking for the best way to do things, but surprisingly there is a negative filter that lets us also think of what could go wrong (which is needed sometimes). This puts a lot of stress on us and how we operate at work. Make baby steps to be more confident in your actions and stop doubting everything you do. Don't try to be perfect at all times, we end up stressing ourselves out unnecessarily.

Keep out negative vibes - Negativism is the single biggest work destroyer around the world. It's so common that there is a good chance that you will come across at least 10 negative statements made every month on your quality of work, It's either by your boss or people around you. But keep one thing in mind, there is no substance to these statements as they are too subjective to be taken seriously. Also, there is a good chance that most people see your work as much better than what they would do. Ignore them and keep them out!

Smile as much as you can - It is believed the more we act like we are happy the better chance we have at being happy. Smile as much as you can and point yourself in the direction of more happy moments which will help you smile. Try it out! it actually works!!

Focus on end results - This is one thing most people give a miss, the end result is what matters the most in any organization. If your end results are bigger than the work you put in then you will have a better chance of impressing all the "beasts" in your office that out for blood. A little exaggeration there, but you get the drift. Envision what your end result has to look like before you begin your work. This will help people take notice and see you as a person who is dependable in turn giving you more freedom and in turn the happiness you seek.

Engage in many hobbies outside work - As the working force, we tend to get carried away at the responsibilities at the workplace, although that's a good thing sometimes when you are chasing success. You must be clear that you need a life outside work as well, it could be chilling with your friends, perfecting a talent or taking a drive by yourself to see something scenic.

It's easy to be happy, but we sometimes think that it's hard and stop adjusting ourselves to ensure we are happy in life and at the workplace at all times.

Rajiv Menon is the Founder & CEO of India's first exclusive automotive greetings company. He is also an entrepreneur who contributes tips and articles to help grow the automotive community and equip them with the knowledge that will improve productivity and sales.

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